31 Days of Worship: Day 21 – A Sunday Morning Challenge


Today as you prepare to worship with your church family, I have a challenge for you….


Leave behind:
  • Whatever happened at home this morning or in the car on the way to church;
  • Thinking about what you’re going to do after church;
  • Worrying about all of the problems in your life;
  • All of your preconceived notions about what this morning will be like;
  • Any petty dislikes about the services or the leadership that you harbor;
  • Your fears about worshiping freely;
  • Any hardness in your heart;
  • Any anger you are holding against a brother or sister;
  • Your selfish pride.
But take with you (and keep in the front of your mind):
  • A love for Jesus that cannot be undone by anything that may happen today;
  • A love for God’s people;
  • A thankful heart;
  • An appreciation for the people who are leading you;
  • A heart that is open to a new freedom in worship;
  • An attitude of expectation for what God is going to do today;
  • A complete focus on Christ;
  • Tons of grace;
  • Loads of humility.
If you accept this challenge, I believe you will experience an incredible connection to Christ and to those people who are placed in your path today. Will you accept? I’m joining you… Come back and let me know how it changes your mindset… and your day.

About 31 Days of Worship

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Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy being on this worship journey with you! My prayer is that God will teach all of us to become more focused worshipers throughout this month.

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  1. Paula, I love this! Sadly, we didn’t go to church this morning. We are moving soon and have a gazillion things to get done that my hubby can only work on when he’s home on the weekends. So we missed today and probably will miss the next few Sundays too. But, I love doing family worship at home when we can’t make it. Listening to Christian music and reading scripture together…plus some prayer and coloring Bible worksheets. 🙂

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