Review Crew

4th Quarter

Jeffrey loves basketball... watching it, playing it, talking about it, doing play-by-play. It's pretty fun to watch him when he gets excited about making a shot (or when Duke wins). He plays for two different leagues right now, and yesterday he had two games back-to-back. The first game was amazing, particularly the 4th quarter. Our team was down by a few points and Jeffrey decided it was time for him to step up and take the lead. He had such focus, such passion, and he ended up scoring … [Read more...]



I walked into our school room after hearing giggling and saw this. My heart smiled. :) In all of the reasons for homeschooling, I never really thought about the kids starting to actually get along with each other better. This is an added blessing. In just a few months, this is what we've already seen in our babies: They have grown a lot closer as siblings; They are all progressing incredibly well academically; Teaching happens all the time, and it's continual in the same … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Welcome


I haven't done a Five Minute Friday in a long time, but thought I would join in today. This blog hop is now hosted by Kate Motaung. The goal of Five Minute Friday is to write for five minutes straight, no editing or rewriting.... basically a flowing stream of thought. Definitely a good writing exercise. ;-) Kate's prompt for today is... Welcome. GO Lately I've noticed more about how people respond to each other. I've always been an observant people … [Read more...]

The 180 & The Anchor

Have you ever done a complete 180 in your life? You thought you were on the right track, but somehow your wheels got just enough off of the railings that you had to jump completely off and start over going the opposite direction? I guess that's a good way to describe this year for me. 2014 has been one of the craziest, most painful, most growing seasons of my span of 41. There have been so many changes in my life, internally and externally, that it's going to be difficult to fit it all into a … [Read more...]

Schoolhouse Teachers Site – A Review

IMG_2277, created and run by The Old Schoolhouse, is an incredible resource for teachers, homeschooling families, and also for parents who just want to supplement their children's education at home. This wonderful online learning center is absolutely packed with online courses, lesson plans, videos, planners, printables, and so many other resources. In fact, I'm sure that I have not even begun to see all of the beautiful learning opportunities offered... ALL IN ONE PLACE! Before … [Read more...]

His Love Will Light The Way


It's been a year of change in the Ebert household, particularly for Mommy. My "40" year was an incredible learning year. So many things have happened: Our family left the church where I grew up, which was hard, but necessary for a season. God started working on me about patterns in my life that were destroying me... and hurting those around me. I left a job and friends that I love. I finally let God knock over this stubborn soul and show me that He wanted me to homeschool our … [Read more...]

For When You Feel Like A Failure

I had messed up. We needed childcare for the event but I had not thought about it beforehand. When I arrived (3 wild children in-tow), it quickly hit me that this was not an everyone kind of event. "But I didn't know we needed childcare. I thought it was for everyone." These are the words that slipped out of my mouth to my husband. The problem was that I should have known. If you're like me, when you feel that you've failed in one area, your mind begins a downward spiral into everything … [Read more...]

My Favorite Veteran

He has always been one of my heroes. Although I was only 10 when he died, I have a lot of memories of Pa. Special memories that seem more vivid than so many others from childhood. I remember Ma & Pa's house and the carport with white metal poles where Pa's car sat. My brother and I would swing around those poles when we were little. I remember the smell of that car as I would jump in the front seat (yep different times) and ride with Pa to the store to spend my "two dodders"... All I ever … [Read more...]

One Quarter Down…

Hallelujah... We finished a quarter of school. There was a time when I thought I would throw in the towel too early (okay more than one time). This first 9 weeks has been difficult, stretching, beautiful. We have changed EVERYTHING since the beginning of school... from who sits where to our daily schedule to how we do our specials to what curriculum we use (every subject). It didn't take me long to realize that the "box" curriculum I bought was not going to work for us, thus starting me on a … [Read more...]

31 Days Through The Gospel – Days 24-31

I didn't keep up with this as well as I hoped, so here are the readings for the rest of the month. Very soon, I will be posting a link to the entire study that you can download. For now, here are the readings for last Friday (the 24th) through this Friday (the 31st): ---------------------------------- Reading for Day 24 (Friday): Matthew 23; Luke 20-21 Reading for Day 25 (Saturday): Mark 13; Matthew 24 Reading for Day 26 (Sunday): Matthew 25-26; Mark 14 Reading for Day 27 … [Read more...]