Bundle Up

sunrise 1

33 degrees. I thought about just staying in bed even though it was our last morning here. But I realized braving the cold would be worth it. Bundled up in 3 layers of clothes and my hood over my head, I took off down the beach. One step onto the sand and I knew. The colors […]

More Than One Valentine

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Jeffrey’s question changed the day o’ red for me. “Mommy, why do you and Daddy have to go out just the two of you for Valentine’s Day?” So I thought about it a LOT. Then decided. From now on Valentine’s Day would not just be about Jeff and I making a big deal about each […]


This word. It smacked me in the face a few weeks ago when I shared with a precious friend that maybe she was… this word. My entire life, I have searched. My heart and mind have battled against each other, trying to make sense of why nothing satisfies this soul. I grew up in a […]

How Small I Am


I love the night sky. Probably for the same reason I love the ocean. They are both too big for me to ever understand or control. A good reminder of how small I am. Tonight’s sky was perfect and I jumped on this great opportunity to use my new fun astronomy app. But the app didn’t […]

How Much Anointing Do You Want?

It was posed during an instrumental break of Your Presence Is Heaven. The worship leader painted the picture of someone who needed to let go of things that were potentially holding him back from the Lord’s calling on his life. In that moment, we were all sensing a strong pull from the Lord that He […]

Worship Wednesday: His Music

the point

  Something about the ocean brings out the creative in me. And draws me closer to my Creator. This is my spot. My favorite time-to-be-alone-and-regain-my-energy place in the world. After my 2-mile run up the beach, I just sat down and breathed in the refreshing salty air. His air. My running playlist is filled with […]