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Halo Found Hope: Book Review


When I requested to join the blog tour for Halo Found Hope, I had no idea how much her story was going to impact my life. After walking through my mother's brain tumor as a teenager, Helo's story helped me to understand (in detail) more about what my mom must have dealt with years ago. About the book:  Machines beeping, the blur of medical staff running, a crash cart whizzing into an ICU room—was there any hope? A young woman lay, packed in ice, as doctors attempted to somehow stop the … [Read more...]

Fast Track To Fitness 5-Day Challenge!

Copy of day2

The saying is true. Jeff has told me this for years, but I'm really seeing how much of a difference it makes to EAT right, not just PLAY right! Next Monday, March 30th, I will be hosting my very first Beachbody Challenge Group! And guess what? It's only a 5-day challenge! What does that mean? It means that ANYONE can do it. YOU can do it! For 5 days, we will all join together for accountability in our eating and working out. It will be simple and fun... make new friends and get a kickstart to … [Read more...]



I am excited to share my review of GPALOVEMATH, a product of GPA LEARN! This is a really cool web-based math program, which is great for visual learners. It is the most unique format of teaching math I've ever seen. Specifically for grades K-5, animated characters serve as learning coaches, walking children through fun adventures that actually teach them to understand math. Here you can see the characters that are presented throughout elementary learning... Because our 3rd grader is back … [Read more...]

This Thing Called Discipline

I've always struggled with this thing called discipline... in every area of my life... spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. Good intentions are where I start, but then when the follow-through doesn't happen, guess what DOES happen? Depression and self-defeat. Since I spent my 30s having babies, my former athletic body faded away a little more with each pregnancy. And then guess what? More depression and self-defeat. Or maybe it was justification. "I have a mom's body now." Nah, not … [Read more...]

Visual Learning Systems – Review of Digital Science Online

DSO Elementary Product Page_zps359fyfaj

I am excited to share my review of Digital Science Online, a product of Visual Learning Systems! This is an incredible science program, offered in two levels: Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition (Grades K-5) and Digital Science Online: Secondary Edition (Grades 6-12). Within each edition, there are videos (with written scripts), animations, still images, student activities, and teaching materials. The best thing about this particular curriculum is that it is VERY flexible! It can be used … [Read more...]

Egglo Entertainment – Review of Easter Curriculum


You know how much fun kids have with Easter eggs? Egg hunts are one of their favorites parts about Easter. One thing that I have struggled with in the past few years is how some feel the need to separate certain secular traditions from holidays. Santa Claus and his elves, Christmas trees, Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny are not the problem. The problem comes when we try to make those fun things more important and more celebrated than the reason for the season Himself... Jesus. There has to be … [Read more...]

Letting Go


March is my favorite month of the year. It brings March Madness in college basketball and Spring Training in pro baseball. Yep. The. Best. At this time of year I start thinking and talking more in baseball analogies. I love everything about the game... the sounds, the smells, the way the sun feels when I close my eyes at the ball park and the breeze flows over my face. The giggles of children as they play and the chants from the dugouts. I love the discipline it takes for a player to become … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Open

Time for another Five Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Motaung. The goal of Five Minute Friday is to write for five minutes straight, no editing or rewriting.... basically a flowing stream of thought. Definitely a good writing exercise. ;-) Kate's prompt for today is... Open. GO We were talking tonight in life group about trusting God... trusting that He knows what's best for our lives. Trusting that His ways are better than our ways ever could be. The thought occurred to me that when we try … [Read more...]

50 Shades of Pain

As some of you have probably noticed, I don't normally speak out about controversial issues. However, this time I can't be silent. The movie that the world has been buzzing about opens in theaters tomorrow. This is a rare moment when the self-inflicted pain that has shadowed me (and those close to me) for 20 years needs to shared. Be warned... what you are about to read is raw and ugly. My heart has pounded every time I've thought about writing this. I almost chickened out. There are pieces … [Read more...]

The Open Closed Door


Okay, imagine you have some friends coming over tonight. As you do a good cleaning of the main areas of the house, where do all of your clutter-y things get thrown? Either you have a this-is-where-we-put-everything-else room or you toss things into your bedroom, right? :) If you're like us, the master bedroom door has always stayed closed when company was over. Not anymore. If you've read any of my posts in the last year or so, you'll know that we've been through quite a time of growth in our … [Read more...]