Schoolhouse Teachers Site - A Review, created and run by The Old Schoolhouse, is an incredible resource for teachers, homeschooling families, and also for parents who just want to supplement their children’s education at home. This wonderful online learning center is […]

His Love Will Light The Way

It’s been a year of change in the Ebert household, particularly for Mommy. My “40″ year was an incredible learning year. So many things have happened: Our family left the church where […]

I had messed up. We needed childcare for the event but I had not thought about it beforehand. When I arrived (3 wild children in-tow), it quickly hit me that […]

He has always been one of my heroes. Although I was only 10 when he died, I have a lot of memories of Pa. Special memories that seem more vivid […]

Hallelujah… We finished a quarter of school. There was a time when I thought I would throw in the towel too early (okay more than one time). This first 9 […]

Happy Monday! Here are the readings for today through Thursday of this week: ———————————- Reading for Day 20 (Monday): Matthew 19; Mark 10 Reading for Day 21 (Tuesday): Matthew 20-21; Luke 18:15-19:48 Reading for […]

Hey everyone! For those of you who are keeping up with this, again sorry for being behind! Here are the readings from Tuesday of this week through Sunday: ———————————- Reading […]