IMG_2399I walked into our school room after hearing giggling and saw this. My heart smiled. 🙂

In all of the reasons for homeschooling, I never really thought about the kids starting to actually get along with each other better. This is an added blessing. In just a few months, this is what we’ve already seen in our babies:

  • They have grown a lot closer as siblings;
  • They are all progressing incredibly well academically;
  • Teaching happens all the time, and it’s continual in the same teaching/learning language;
  • Katherine’s constant feelings of insecurity and anger have diminished;
  • Katherine absolutely LOVES homeschooling… she seems to benefit maybe a little more than the other two right now;
  • Jeffrey needed some extra help in areas I wasn’t expecting;
  • Character development… time to talk about issues… and Mommy is able to directly understand where attitudes and feelings are coming from;
  • The kids are actually more outgoing because they always want to talk to people when we go out;
  • They don’t fight as much (notice I said “as much”) 😉

These are just a few of the reasons I love homeschooling! Yes, days are hard, and some days I want to quit. But overall, I’m incredibly thankful and feel blessed to be called to this.


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