Worship Wednesday: A Private Moment

The busyness and the thoughts of the day flood my mind, controlling every part of my being. Such a spiritual battle wages in my head. Pride, bitterness, selfish ambition… they try to paralyze me again.

Will I turn back to my comfort, the only way I’ve known? Will I let it all become about M-E… again? Or will I cling to You and push through… remembering that I am nothing without Y-O-U? Will I become still before you… letting you fill my thoughts?

Oh, Father, the mental strain of this day has pushed my finite mind to the brink, but now you’re waiting to see my response. Will I trust you and let it all fall into Your hands? Or will I give in to the abyss… the place where it’s just easier… for a fleeting moment?

Deep in my soul, I want this moment to be THE moment… the crook in the trail where the right choice is made… for good. The path that proclaims, “It’s all about You, not about me. No matter how hard it gets, my mind will focus on the eternal and forget about the now! I will NOT give in to my flesh.”

God, although I don’t always live it out, my heart knows that…

You are my . . . . . . Creator God

When I break free of the busyness, I find You.

When I stop to stand in awe of You, bitterness melts.

When I focus on You, the eternal tunnels my vision.

When I release, You grip with your entire being.

When I forgive, You remind me I’m forgiven.

When I finally become still, You fill me.

Be still, my soul, be still.

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”      Psalm 46:10

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