Plank-Eyed Saints {Encouragement Cafe}

Tough subject today. How often do you find yourself judging others? And on the flip side, how often do your insecurities take control because you “sense” that others are judging you?

I’m at the Encouragement Cafe today, talking about the judgment that is ingrained in all of our lives. Hope you can stop by: Plank-Eyed Saints.

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5 Replies to “Plank-Eyed Saints {Encouragement Cafe}”

  1. I find I judge others based on how comfortable they make me feel in my first encounters with them. Not on purpose, but pretty shallow none the less.

  2. The Redbook idea was a good one. I don’t know what to say…you know you’re not supposed to judge anyone, but it seems even when you try not to, it inevitably happens. I have found that the older I get, the far MORE tolerant an LESS judgmental I have become, and thank God for it. Always something to work on though…

  3. It’s interesting that you said that we feel judged b/c we judge others. . . I had never thought of that. I’m sure I do judge. I try not to judge, but I do feel like people are always judging me. Let’s just say I don’t always have the patience of a saint and I’m not that good at hiding that fact.

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