Bumper Stickers… and Representation

I like to analyze what people choose to “advertise” on their cars. Some people seem like they can’t make up their minds on what they represent… so they just put everything on their car. Those cars always make me laugh.

Sometimes people use their car bumpers to express a dark side. Maybe they’re showing us inner anger… and they want to let us know not to mess with them. Sometimes they show us how strongly they stand AGAINST what we may believe. When I see a car with these kinds of stickers, I wonder what has happened in that person’s life to cause him or her to so strongly want to push their pain on everyone they drive past.

However, a lot of times we see positive advertisement. Some people like to show their priorities on their back windshields… like using those little stick people that represent family members, dogs, cats, birds, fish, ants. Lol… okay maybe not the ants. I’m sure you’ve seen funny bumper stickers or stickers that support favorite sports teams. Some choose to show Jesus on their car. Maybe you have a Jesus Sticker on YOUR car…

For the longest time, I refused to put an ichthus symbol on the back of my car because I struggle with road rage. I was afraid I would act in a way that didn’t represent Jesus well. And then I would be viewed as a hypocrite… “just another reason to stay away from those churches.” Now I at least have a magnet that represents my church, and that church represents Jesus well. I still fight road rage, but believe it or not, that little magnet actually holds me accountable to actions, facial expressions, and things that may come out of my mouth.

To go a little deeper, I’ve learned along the way that my outer actions aren’t necessarily what I need to be focusing on. The way we “advertise” Jesus in our lives starts on the inside. In our minds and hearts. And if we don’t stay pure before Him and get to KNOW Him, there’s no way we’ll represent Him well on the outside.

So how are you representing Him… At church? At your job? At home with your family? With your friends? When you are alone? What about when you turn on the TV just to flip channels instead of digging into His Word? We claim to “not have time” to spend with Him, but we have plenty of time for Facebook, Twitter, TV, and _________ (you name it).

But how much time do we spend building our single most important relationship? We can’t represent Jesus well by putting on a good show. If our connection to the Core Product is empty, the advertisement is worthless. How valuable is your advertisement of Jesus?

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