New Year, New Design, New Focus

As you can see, the blog has changed a little over the last week or so. I’m so thankful to Monique at Fantastique Designs who created this custom look for Grow Where You’re Planted. For years, I’ve used templates and tried to make them work, but there have always been things I wished I could do differently. This year, I decided that now is the time to create a blog that, in every way, exemplifies what my heart and desire are for this ministry.

Take a look around as some things have changed. More changes are to come, along with much more writing. 🙂

It was amazing to me that this post I wrote about our family’s experiences in 2014 brought the most visitors to this site EVER in one day. It was a blessing to see all of you responding, reaching out, encouraging. I know some friends were curious about why we had disappeared, but I believe others related so much with the message. What excites me the most is knowing that this is the message God has put on my heart. This blog is about planting ourselves firmly in Christ, planting ourselves in our families, and keeping a strong hold on our own unique callings in this crazy world.

So with that said…. I’m looking forward to sharing MUCH with you all this year. 😉 Thanks for being a part of the journey.


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