Why Harry Was Right {Encouragement Cafe}

Last October, during 31 Days to a Planted Mind, we went through an intense month-long discussion of the importance of thought life purity. One of the topics was the danger of close male-female friendships (when you are married). Since the subject this week at the Encouragement Cafe is “Toxic Relationships,” this really seemed to fit.

Just to preface this, the kind of friendship I’m talking about in this post is not the casual kind with the people we see every day… at school, at work, at church, etc. This is the type of friendship that steals an emotional spot away from our husbands or wives. It fills a role in our lives that only our spouses should be given access to. These friendships are very dangerous for our hearts and our marriages… and I am speaking from experience. Hope you will head over to the Encouragement Cafe and read more: Why Harry Was Right.

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