Alpha Omega Publishing – Horizons Preschool – A Review


For Joshua’s 3-year-old preschool year, we mostly used play for math, along with listening in on reading, social studies, science, and health with Katherine. We were SO excited to get to try out the Horizons Preschool Curriculum from Alpha Omega Publishing! We received the complete Preschool package for this review. This Christian curriculum teaches math, phonics, language arts, and other subjects with fun activities and games. The set includes two student workbooks (with 180 lessons), two teacher’s guides, a music CD, and a resource packet with tons of manipulatives.

Horizons Preschool is the most incredible curriculum your youngest kiddos! It’s not just workbooks… there are so many things taught through this multi-sensory program. It is a great way to introduce preschoolers to “formal” learning. There are Bible stories, science projects, arts and crafts, music, health and safety, social studies, phonics, math, and a lot of other stuff. So well-rounded, yet geared specifically for this young age!

Here are just a few things kids learn in this fun-packed year:

  • Days 1-7 of Creation and the Flood (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, light, dark, air, clouds, rocks, soil, grass, seeds, trees, fruits, vegetables, sun, weather, day, night, hour, seasons, Earth’s rotation and tilt, moon, stars, constellations, astronomy, planets, comets, meteors, fish, climate, ocean creatures, amphibians, eggs, birds, mammals, blood, circulation, brain, body parts, occupations, health, safety, music, work, rules, helpers, friends, family, reptiles, insects, man, cells, senses, bones, digestion, breathing, muscles, obedience, flood, and promises;
  • Letter recognition and sounds Aa-Zz, and alphabetical order
  • Colors and shapes
  • Fine motor skills, such as cutting, gluing, stamping, drawing, coloring, folding, tracing, painting, etc.
  • Physical activities, such as running, skipping, hopscotch, crawling, bowling, ring toss, swinging, dribbling, kicking, etc.
  • Writing name, home address, and phone number
  • Counting & simple addition

The lessons are easy-to-follow for Mom or Dad, yet filled with fun for the kids. Here are a few pictures of Joshua having fun learning his letter and numbers:

Kinesthetic learning by tracing the letters with his fingers….

IMG_4033 Working on making straight lines and matching…


More working on straight lines and counting to 3…


So what do we think of the Horizons Preschool Curriculum?

We absolutely love it! If you have a preschooler, I HIGHLY recommend that you give this program a try. It is so much fun and it’s flexible too! You can use the pieces you want to use and skip any that you don’t think will work for you guys (but there probably won’t be too many activities that you don’t want to use). The workbooks are beautifully illustrated in full-color, which helps to hold the attention of my always-moving boy. You can be sure that your preschooler will be ready for kindergarten because of the complete and well-rounded education they will receive from this curriculum. Want to see more? You can check out their scope and sequence, plus download samples on the website: Horizons Preschool. 🙂

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