Successful Homeschooling Made Easy – A Review

75600856-432e-4555-b3b4-8f4b2a3a0741_zpsb9t1zefmThis is the course I wish I would have found when I FIRST decided to homeschool. The Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course is a 26-week online course for new homeschoolers, and is full of all of the wonderful information that I pieced together last summer. As a new homeschooler this year, there were so many areas where I didn’t know exactly what to do and felt inadequate. Stephanie Walmsley walks through everything you need to get off to a great start in your homeschooling journey. The information taught is better and more comprehensive material than anything I read through before our year started.

I also love the format. Stephanie emails you the lessons one week at a time, which means you can’t skip ahead. Each week, you have instructions and assignments, and you have time to actually do everything and see how it works with your family before moving on to the next lesson.

Here are some of the areas covered throughout the course:

• Step by step instructions on how to work out your vision and plan your goals.• Step by step instructions on how to make a schedule and develop it as you go along.• How to handle obstacles and keep going when things get tough.

• How to write a lesson plan.

• How to teach subjects like music appreciation and arts and crafts.

• How to fireproof your homeschool and never ever suffer from burnout.

• How to plan curriculum.

• How to get your housework done while homeschooling.

• How to keep your household organized and tidy while homeschooling.

• How to keep records.

• Hear from experienced homeschoolers about what makes them successful.

• How to avoid common pitfalls of homeschooling.

• How to be more efficient in homeschooling.

• How to bring your child out of school and deal with the special challenges that entails.

• What to do instead of school reports.

• How to really ENJOY homeschooling.

So far, I’ve gotten through 9 weeks of the program and have learned so much about myself and about how to set myself up for success in homeschooling. I’ve learned how to piece together courses slowly, how to find our family’s vision for homeschooling, how to balance housework and get the kids involved, how to figure out the right amount of outside activities for our family, and so many other things that I really never thought through.

During the course, Stephanie walks step-by-step through making sure you take care of yourself so that you can be fresh and prepared for homeschooling days. It is also designed to use WHILE you are doing school. You start with only a couple of subjects and add in something new each week, while you’re learning. It’s a very easy-to-follow format and not overwhelming in the least.

If you’re thinking about homeschooling or getting ready to start your first year, I highly recommend that you check into Successful Homeschooling Made Easy. It will be a great investment and you’ll find it easier to get started off on the right foot. Stephanie is so sure you will love it that she offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You can download a free preview here: Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Preview.

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