Privileged Species – A Review offers a huge variety of Christian movies from every genre and for every age group. The company that eventually became started more than 10 years ago when Dr. Enis Sakirgil, a Turkish Christian, started producing Christian films. When he immigrated to the United States, Dr. Sakirgil started online sales of his movies: Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches film. This developed into selling other Christian films online, which became This Christian-led company is now based in Mora, Minnesota and exists to glorify God in all that they do. They still have ties with Turkey through a partnership with a radio ministry there.

privileged species_zps2bekzkpdI received a DVD of Privileged Species: How the Cosmos Is Designed for Human Life to review. Throughout the film, featuring geneticist and author Michael Denton, we learn about various elements and how they all come together perfectly to support human life.

The film opens with Bill Nye, the Science Guy basically rambling about how he is a “speck” in the universe… a speck on a speck on another speck, etc. It really hit me just how depressing life would be if it really was just us. If there really was no God. It made me sad for the Science Guy, who was making light of the fact that his perspective offers no hope.

After the opening clip, Michael Denton explores carbon compounds, water, oxygen, and just the overall way the universe is aligned in order to create a perfect living environment for humans on earth. He presents the evidence in a way that is simple to understand and incredibly eye-opening. There are so many puzzle pieces that came together to support human life.

As a need-to-see-it kind of person, I love to learn about scientific evidence for creation. This movie points directly to an intelligent design to the universe. The proof presented in Privileged Species strengthened my faith quite a bit. Most of us, whether we admit it or not, have wondered about the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere. It just seems like with all that space, it would be a waste for there not to be life on other planets… in other galaxies. But I’ve never really thought about it the way I do after watching this film. No matter how much space there is in the universe, it literally was all put there to create perfect balance for us. God put all of the elements together… for us. Even the supernovae carry the exact energy needed to help keep everything in balance. This was such a revelation for me.

I highly recommend this short 33-minute film for everyone to watch, especially for those in your life who may not believe in creationism or intelligent design of our universe. is a great Christian-led company that offers Christian and family-friendly movies in all categories, including: Children’s Christian movies, Apologetics, Educational, Christian History, Biblical movies, Dramas, Romance, Action, Biographies, Comedies, Sports films, Christmas movies, and many other types of films. They offer free shipping for all orders over $35.

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