Science Project Hog

IMG_3027As I worked on the banner for Jeffrey’s baseball team, my introverted heart was somewhat glad that I’d been given the chance to do the project myself. Jeff looked over my shoulder and said, “That’s good, Sweetie. I would have loved being on your science project team.”

I kind of laughed to myself because I’ve always kind of prided myself in being a hard worker. But the laughter turned into analytical mode, as I realized that my introversion and desire to get everything right has made me isolate myself at times. I’ve not always been the best delegator. This can be a not-so-good quality.

We weren’t created to be islands. God created each one of us with different gifts that we can use TOGETHER to do His work. When we only use our own gifts, we miss out on beauty that may have been intended. I wonder how much better the banner could have been if a few of us had worked together. Not only would there have been more creativity, but new friendships could have also been created.

Someone I admire once told me that when leading a project, I should do only the things that ONLY I can do. Everything else should be delegated… and if someone could do something 80% as well as I could, I should let them do it. Although it’s hard, it’s true. How else can we help others learn and grow if we hog all of the tasks for ourselves?

Challenge for you… If you struggle with this, make a point to give away a task that you usually are possessive over… Let someone else learn and grow. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend.

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