Letting Go

IMG_0666March is my favorite month of the year. It brings March Madness in college basketball and Spring Training in pro baseball. Yep. The. Best.

At this time of year I start thinking and talking more in baseball analogies. I love everything about the game… the sounds, the smells, the way the sun feels when I close my eyes at the ball park and the breeze flows over my face. The giggles of children as they play and the chants from the dugouts.

I love the discipline it takes for a player to become great.

I love the character that is built in working toward a focused goal.

I love to see players who give it all they’ve got with no fear.

I love mental toughness.

Last season, Jeffrey started out excited about his coach trying him out at pitcher. He was throwing the ball with all he had and looked great, especially considering he had never pitched before. Jeff and I were so proud to see him excelling at something he loves so much, and we were proud of the determination he was showing on the field.

Jeffrey and I have baseball in common, and I love that! But there is one thing we have in common that I wish he didn’t get from me…. the fearful perfectionist mindset.

Shortly into the season, as all pitchers experience, he started throwing more balls than strikes. He hit a couple of batters, etc. etc. This pushed his mind to fear, doubt, and insecurity about his ability. The boy seriously needs to be 100% correct/perfect or he thinks he has failed. Instead of throwing the ball, really letting go, he started holding back. He tried to aim and it became almost like he was pushing the ball. But instead of this adjustment improving his pitches, it made him lose velocity… and his focus.

So much in life, we hold back. We try to aim at what we think is our target instead of just letting go and throwing the ball with all we’ve got. We let fear take over. We push the ball, because if we keep control, it will be better. Right?

Whatever is “pitching” for our individual lives, we need to focus on the goal, work hard, and let go. Let God have the control. Holding back because of fear and insecurity leads to misery and defeat. Letting go and trusting God leads to pure joy and fulfillment.

Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical… Toughness!


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