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You know how much fun kids have with Easter eggs? Egg hunts are one of their favorites parts about Easter. One thing that I have struggled with in the past few years is how some feel the need to separate certain secular traditions from holidays. Santa Claus and his elves, Christmas trees, Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny are not the problem. The problem comes when we try to make those fun things more important and more celebrated than the reason for the season Himself… Jesus. There has to be a way to include both, right?

logotrademark_zps9kiaabrvEnter Egglo Entertainment. I was so excited to have an opportunity to review this curriculum with my kids and now to share it with you! The program is based around a fun story about kids on an adventure! What they find on their treasure hunt adventure teaches the Gospel in an age-appropriate way so that kids will really understand and want to hear more. Beautiful brightly colored illustrations, well-written dialogue, fun glow-in-the-dark eggs, and much more will draw kids in to learn about the story of Easter. It is great to use with your own kids, with a kids’ group at church, or for outreach purposes. The curriculum guide offers many ideas for how it can be used with groups! Here are the pieces we received with the Egglo Kit curriculum (click on any of these to see them on the website):

Here are some pictures and more information about each piece:

Egglo Glow Eggs in basket- website_zps17lmb7kfGlow in the Dark Egglo Eggs

These come 12 eggs to a box with four bright pastel colors (blue, green, yellow, pink). The blue and green eggs have a cross design on them, and the pink and blue ones are plain, so that they can be decorated. Egglo also offers discounts if you buy multiple boxes.

Directly from the website: “The idea is simple – the glowing eggs represent Jesus, the light of the world. Children search in the dark for the glowing eggs and connect the idea that Jesus is the light. Based on John 1:5, the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Egglo eggs make wonderful tools to continue the conversation about Jesus.”

dc1fe05e-ef93-4b5d-967b-9a769701b91c_zpsxookrjmyThe Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book

This 40-page, beautifully illustrated adventure tells the story of 3 kids and their dog who learn what Easter is all about. It connects Easter egg fun with learning about Jesus. As the kids go through the treasure map path, they find glowing eggs, scriptures and riddles, all pointing them toward the cross. When they arrive, they learn the Easter story and understand what a treasure Jesus is!

The story itself was longer than I expected. Although it’s a picture book, it has quite a bit of descriptive storytelling wrapped up inside. It took us about 20-30 minutes to get all the way through. This may require a longer attention span than a preschooler will give you. My kids (4 & 6) were still pretty engaged in the story.

Egglo-Scripture-ScrollsEgglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls

These are small scrolls with actual Bible verses written on them. You can use these to hide in eggs, and they can be used by the kids who get them for scripture memorization. These also help solidify the message that they learned through The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure and the Easter egg hunt.

Bible-Scroll-Stickers-LargeEgglo Bible Verse Stickers

These stickers are more reinforcement for what the kids learned in the story. They display the same verses that are on the scrolls, only in sticker format. You can hide these in the glow-in-the-dark eggs, and again the kids can use them for scripture memory.

Egglo Program Curriculum
 Wow! So much is packed into this 62-page curriculum guide! It walks you step-by-step through planning for your event. No matter if it’s just for your family or if it’s for a large group, you can pick and choose the activities and the order in which you do them. There are tips for decorating, ideas for snacks (really cool snacks by the way), activity ideas, printable discussion cards, discussion questions, invitations, more colored egg & scripture scroll printables. This curriculum guide comes as a download, so you can always access it from your tablet, iPad, PC, Mac, or you can print it. This is exceptionally done, and has been well thought out!

Here are some fun pictures of how we used Egglo at Planted Oaks Academy…

All of our goodies!!


The eggs before they were ready….


After one hour, they were ready to shine in the darkness!


J and K started out coloring while I read the story…



But they quickly became so engaged that they wanted to SEE everything I was reading!



Scripture Scrolls


Indeed, Jesus IS the Light of the World!


And… here are both of them with stashes of eggs from the hunt!



So what did we think of Egglo’s Easter Curriculum?

  1. It is extremely easy to use. All instructions are WELL written and planned out with a newbie event planner in mind. The curriculum is clear-cut, has many examples of activities, many ideas for snacks, and two options for story time. There is also a DVD available in case you would rather use that than read the story.
  2. It does a great job of tying together the fun stuff of Easter with the Gospel story. My kids enjoyed the story (even though it was long). The adventure is very interesting and there are tons of descriptors that give a storyteller a way to “act it out” well. It also caused them to ask more questions about Jesus and the cross. So, for this reason, it’s a great family conversation starter!
  3. It can be used for a group as small as your family OR for a large church/community group with EASE! This is one of these products we love in the homeschool world! They have thought through all of the details and given examples to use no matter what size group you’re using.
  4. This can be used to create an INCREDIBLE outreach event! Very kid-friendly, it teaches in a subtle but strong way what Easter is really all about. You can use the included invitations to reach out to however many people you would like. All printables can be reproduced as much as you like!
  5. It is probably best used with ages 4 to 12. That is my personal opinion. My 4-year-old enjoyed it, but any younger and you may have a bunch of restless toddlers on your hands. I would also say that it has the upper elementary enjoyment of chapter books, but with vibrant pictures to go along with the story.
  6. It’s fun, informative, and it’s about Jesus! I would absolutely HIGHLY recommend this program to all of my friends to use with their families and/or homeschool. This is not just for homeschoolers. Anyone can buy this program and use it! I would also recommend it to friends who teach and work with kids at church or in any other ministry setting. You will love this!

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