Fast Track To Fitness 5-Day Challenge!

Copy of day2The saying is true. Jeff has told me this for years, but I’m really seeing how much of a difference it makes to EAT right, not just PLAY right!

Next Monday, March 30th, I will be hosting my very first Beachbody Challenge Group! And guess what? It’s only a 5-day challenge! What does that mean? It means that ANYONE can do it. YOU can do it! For 5 days, we will all join together for accountability in our eating and working out. It will be simple and fun… make new friends and get a kickstart to your fitness journey! Accountability is the key!

Before the week starts, I will add all interested friends into the Facebook group and give you a grocery list for the week. Then, each evening, I’ll post the menu for the next day. Every day, we will check in with each other to see how we’re doing. You will plan to do a 30-minute cardio workout for the 5 days, along with following the eating plan. This is a great way to get rid of some excess pounds before it’s time to head to the pool this summer!

Also, if you are dairy-free, we WILL have a vegan plan for you! One thing I have realized through my own Beachbody journey is that I’m allergic to dairy. Jeff tried to tell me that dairy was my problem for years, and it became clear as I took out certain foods and added them back. So now, most of my diet is vegan.

So who’s in? If you’re interested, shoot me an email at, letting me know your goals (weight loss, toning up, etc.). I’ll send you more information about what to expect, and then I’ll add you to the group! Can’t wait to see who all joins me! 🙂

Hint… there will be a longer challenge group that starts up very soon after this fun mini-challenge!

Goals -> Discipline -> Strength -> Character.


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