Five Minute Friday: Open


Time for another Five Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Motaung. The goal of Five Minute Friday is to write for five minutes straight, no editing or rewriting…. basically a flowing stream of thought. Definitely a good writing exercise. 😉 Kate’s prompt for today is… Open.


We were talking tonight in life group about trusting God… trusting that He knows what’s best for our lives. Trusting that His ways are better than our ways ever could be. The thought occurred to me that when we try to do things our way, in our own strength, it closes us up. It puts us on a path that we design for ourselves, one that looks appealing to us at the time, but one that will not lead where God wants to take us.

On the flip side, if we trust Him and open our hearts and minds to God’s leading, the pathway is open. We don’t try to see what’s next, or what’s next year, or what’s 10 years from now. Instead, we’re open to keeping our feet planted right where they are in this moment.

We are open to His leading for tomorrow.

We are open to His leading for next year… 10 years from now.

When I unconsciously allow my ways to seem better than God’s ways in my mind, I’m closing myself off from the possibilities that He has in store. But when I remember that His ways are higher, the path is wide open.

The open pathway is only for those of us who let go and trust.



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One Reply to “Five Minute Friday: Open”

  1. God is using you to speak to me. I keep finding myself looking to what is coming. Wondering: When? How? What?

    I really liked this line. “Instead, we’re open to keeping our feet planted right where they are in this moment.”

    I was really resisting the being where I was in this moment for awhile this year. I’ve gotten better, but I still keep finding myself wondering about the next thing.

    I need to let go.

    Thanks for your words .

    Visiting you from FMF.

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