Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Five-Minute-Friday-4-300x300I haven’t done a Five Minute Friday in a long time, but thought I would join in today. This blog hop is now hosted by Kate Motaung. The goal of Five Minute Friday is to write for five minutes straight, no editing or rewriting…. basically a flowing stream of thought. Definitely a good writing exercise. 😉 Kate’s prompt for today is… Welcome.


Lately I’ve noticed more about how people respond to each other. I’ve always been an observant people watcher/analyst/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, but recently it’s hit me just how we all treat each other.

Some people welcome others with love.

Others would just rather people leave them alone.

What makes one person so welcoming yet another so cold? Maybe the cold is bitterness over a hard life? Pain that they haven’t worked through? We never know what someone has gone through or is going through right now. Each person walking has a story, but sometimes we forget.

And what makes someone welcome others into his/her life? Maybe they’ve been through pain..  in fact, maybe they’ve been through the toughest pain we can imagine, yet somehow they seem to show love to everyone they meet.

That person has accepted and embraced his/her life.

I look to my children. Katherine had her cousin over to visit today. Two days ago, she and Jeffrey made a sign that said “Welcome Kallie!” They were so excited about the opportunity to welcome her into our home and love on her. It was beautiful to watch. Kids can teach us so much about welcoming, loving, and accepting others.

So as we go through each day, let’s think about welcoming others into our lives… into who we are… into our families. Without each other, life doesn’t work as well.



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