His Love Will Light The Way

It’s been a year of change in the Ebert household, particularly for Mommy. My “40” year was an incredible learning year. So many things have happened:

  • Our family left the church where I grew up, which was hard, but necessary for a season.
  • God started working on me about patterns in my life that were destroying me… and hurting those around me.
  • I left a job and friends that I love.
  • I finally let God knock over this stubborn soul and show me that He wanted me to homeschool our children.
  • A book proposal that was meant to be… didn’t happen. I got sick.
  • She Speaks, the conference, was more about changing my HEART than getting me to write a BOOK.
  • A new opportunity has been given to me for 2015 that actually HELPS with the homeschooling adventure we are on.

It’s been a lot to process, and I’ve done a lot of processing!!!

A few weeks ago, I was running around the circle track-like perimeter of our backyard, playlist cranked. My running playlist is what you would call, umm, eclectic (kind of like our homeschool). 🙂 I have a little of everything on the list… the tunes and lyrics that keep me going. So I was just running along, thinking about how crazy the year had been and where was God leading me now and all of those jumbled up thoughts that go through a mom’s head. Then I realized that the song playing was giving me the answer to the main question in my head. It wasn’t the here-is-your-path answer that we normally want. It was an answer to trust.

Aftermath by Hillsong United was playing, at this exact spot:

And I know You’re with me, Yes I know You’re with me here

And I know Your love will light the way.

And then I looked up. And saw this… a lit path.



My gentle reminder that His love is lighting my way. No worries about tomorrow.

His way of telling me, personally:

Live for today. The today that I’ve given you. Love my Son. Love the family I’ve given you. Love the friends I’ve put around you. Love people. Enjoy every moment that I give you. Don’t waste a SINGLE breath on things that don’t matter. You are so blessed.

Yes, indeed. Blessed beyond measure. And a peace came over me that hasn’t left since that day.


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