31 Days Through The Gospel – Days 4, 5, 6

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Hey friends! Sorry I didn’t get this posted this weekend. From now on, I will be posting Saturday’s and Sunday’s readings on FRIDAY. Here are the readings that were for this weekend: Saturday, Sunday, and also today. We will start back with discussion tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Days 4, 5, & 6:

Reading for Day 4: Luke 4-5; John 1:15-51, 2-4

Reading for Day 5: Matthew 8-9; Mark 2; John 5

Reading for Day 6: Matthew 12:1-21; Mark 3; Luke 6


Local friends, I have only had a couple of people email me about getting together. If you have emailed me, I promise to get back with you in the next couple of days. If we don’t get more than a couple, we will probably plan to meet at Starbucks later this week. If you want to join, but haven’t emailed me yet, PLEASE do!! 🙂

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