Bundle Up

33 degrees. I thought about just staying in bed even though it was our last morning here. But I realized braving the cold would be worth it. Bundled up in 3 layers of clothes and my hood over my head, I took off down the beach. One step onto the sand and I knew.

sunrise 1The colors were more entrancing than the first morning. Clouds picked up the red of the sun as it started to peek through. The ocean shined a brighter blue than I had noticed before. Lighter shades of the reddish pink coated the sand… And the color palette was complete. Amazing.

sunrise 2The air itself was brazenly uncomfortable, but the experience was well worth the extra preparation and clothing, well worth the visible breath and the numbness that took over my ears.

sunrise 3Life. We stay comfortable, warm and cozy, and we miss it. We fear and we miss it. We hold back and we don’t get to see what’s just over the horizon. We just exist.

sunrise 4But when we take up the challenge, bundle up and walk outside, we find… Joy. Unspeakable beauty. Undiscovered colors. Grace-filled life. If I would have stayed in the bed, I would have missed this…

sunrise 5

And the Lord reminded me on this day that comfortable is not where He wants me. He is leading me to bundle up and get out there, to trust Him and walk forward, holding back nothing for the sake of His call on my life.

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