How Small I Am

I love the night sky. Probably for the same reason I love the ocean. They are both too big for me to ever understand or control. A good reminder of how small I am.

Tonight’s sky was perfect and I jumped on this great opportunity to use my new fun astronomy app. But the app didn’t stay open very long. Instead, I craved the quiet… the stillness… the dark… the beauty.

I closed my eyes. Just listened.

The crickets chatting with each other, the crescendo of the wind gently brushing the leaves. The fortissimo of entire trees swaying from the wind’s Inner Strength. It was magical.

And as I listened to Love’s beautiful surround sound, I took a long deep breath of the cool night air. I thanked God for how big He is… For his omnipresence… And I thanked him for my smallness. A sweeping breath of humility reminded me that I need His surrounding presence to take my next step. Tonight, my heart shared thanks for how small I am.


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