Worship Wednesday: Worshiping as a Mom

Being a mom is hard. It is amazing, but it is the hardest thing God has ever called me to do. Days come when life is a blur; and those days have been coming more frequently lately.

I’ve found myself angry and frustrated more than joyful and thankful.

So God is breaking me (yes again). He’s breaking away more of the little pieces that block His way into my heart.  I’m trying hard not to let Him. But at the same time, I’m trying to keep up the great-wife, great-mom, great-assistant, great-encourager face.

Then today I really stopped and thought about my life as a worshiper. Sure I can sing the songs. But does my life as a mom reflect what those songs are saying? Do I worship when I’m picking up that toy that I told him 5 times to pick up? Or when all 3 of them are screaming at me at the same time? Or when it feels like she just doesn’t even hear my voice? Or when the laundry never seems to end?

Being a mom is hard.

But here’s the thing: If I can’t worship in the day-to-day… if I can’t praise the Lord when my life is completely out of kilter… if I can’t appreciate the amazing gifts that God has given me… how can I stand on that stage and help lead others to a life of worship?

I must lead by example. As I worship my Creator God in the little things… in the day-to-day of life… then, and ONLY then, He will allow me to truly lead others.

How is your worship? And how often? Does it happen everyday, in the little things… or do you find yourself only worshiping on Sundays?

My challenge for you today is to go to the Psalms and just start reading. As you read the incredible lyrics penned by a fellow non-perfect-person, you will find that you can’t help but worship your Father! And then, be thankful for the little imperfections that God has blessed you with.

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