Worship Wednesday: Confident & Covered {Again}

I wrote about One Thing Remains on a Worship Wednesday last year. In case you’d like to read it, here’s that post: Worship Wednesday: Confident & Covered. Since we are singing this song on Sunday morning, my heart has been fixed on the lyrics again. Do you know the song? Listen along with the video as you read below. (If you are reading this in an email, you can listen to it here: One Thing Remains.)

The words confident and covered have stuck out to me since the first time I heard it.

Confident: having a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something {by the power of His great love}. Full of conviction {of His great love}.

Covered: to have something put over, on top of, or in front of, especially in order to protect, hide, or close it {by the power of His great love}.

Insecurity and fear tear me apart some days. I let the enemy persuade me that I am weak and incapable, when God is trying to convince me that He’s got it… and He’s got me. I love how many times the phrase is repeated in this song: “Your love never fails. It never gives up. It never runs out on me.” We have to be reminded over and over again because we forget so easily.

When we forget, we lose our confidence. And we pull ourselves out from under our coverage. BUT…

His love never fails. It never gives up. It never runs out on me.

We need to let go of our controlling, fear-filled grip and just rest in the confidence that is God’s coverage. We can trust, full of conviction that His great love is in control of whatever is coming up in our lives. Our Creator’s great love is higher than any mountain we may face. It’s stronger than the power of the grave. And it’s CONSTANT in trial and change.

We can be confident in knowing that He’s never going to give up on us.

When we let go of our grip, we show trust in Him. When we trust His grip, we show love to Him. When we love our God purely, we worship Him. For real.

Do you live confidently, knowing that you are covered in God’s love?

This one thing remains…

In death, in life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great love. My debt is paid. There’s nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love. Your love never fails. It never gives up. It never runs out on me.

Praise the Lord!


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