Worship Wednesday: Free In His Presence

It was that time of year again. We were at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, and my heart was being refreshed in an incredible way. What an amazing experience to look out over a huge group of pastors & leaders and see nothing but connection with our Creator God happening in one place. I was overwhelmed at multiple times during the week.

On Wednesday night, God did a special work in my heart. We were in the middle of an extended worship time and I forgot where I was. I forgot who was around me. I forgot there was a band on the stage. All I knew was that I was free in God’s presence. I was singing as loudly as I could, hands raised, and just loving my Father.

What I realized when I opened my eyes was that most everyone in that place seemed to be experiencing the same thing. There was something special, something precious. Freedom.

So many times as believers, we worry about what people think during corporate worship times. We worry about what the people beside us are doing. We worry about what people will think if we raise our hands, if we demonstrate in a physical way what the Lord is doing in our hearts. This limits what the Holy Spirit wants to do IN and THROUGH us.

My challenge today, on the first Worship Wednesday I’ve posted in a while, is to not worry about “what others think” while you are in your corporate worship times. If you know what it means to worship, you are a worship leader, one who can be used to either usher others in to His presence… or to deter others from what the Lord has for them.

Let’s be vessels that draw others toward Christ… toward the God of the universe who created us… and who deserves our FREE worship.

Here’s an incredible song to help you as you draw close to Him today… Your Presence is Heaven (this is the song we were singing Wednesday night when my heart was completely overwhelmed in His presence):

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