Worship Wednesday: My Delight Is In You

Of all the incredible worship music that came from Passion 2013, this one may just be my favorite. I love Christy Nockels’ voice, and I also love it when songwriters combine new stuff with old stuff. My Delight Is In You w/ Refiner’s Fire is a song all about finding the peace God brings when we delight in Him, when we let Him refine us, when we ask Him to draw us close, when we choose to be holy and set apart.

I’m thankful that at any given time, I can turn my delight to its rightful place and allow His love and refining fire to cleanse me and make me whole. Grateful for His purifying touch that is available to all who seek it. Humbled to be called as one set apart for Him.

As you go about your Worship Wednesday, I hope the lyrics in this song come back to your mind often. Listen carefully below, jot down the lyrics that God is speaking directly to you, and keep those precious words with you all day. Allow your heart, mind, and spirit to draw close to Jesus as you worship. (If you are viewing this in an email, click here to listen: My Delight Is In You.)

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