Worship Wednesday: Captivate Us

I’ve been captivated by a lot lately. Mostly by me.

Drawing my attention lately have been things and people that, yet again, I allow to try to fill that hole… the hole that can only be filled by the One who deserves our captivation.

I’ve been doing a lot FOR God. Being captivated by things FOR Him. We can get so caught up in trying to do what it takes to draw others to Him that we forget how much we need to draw to Him ourselves.

I love Pandora. It brings me songs I’ve never heard. And as normally happens when I run, God gave me a song today. He showed me what He wants from me. He showed me in a new way what true worship should look like. (I love it when He does that!) All the stuff is just stuff. To truly worship, I must forget about all of that and just focus on Him. I must be genuinely captivated by His presence… the song calls Him to “devastate us with His presence.” Beautiful.

So goes as we lead worship. We draw to Him through the week, then we allow His presence to continue to consume us as we attempt to provide an environment that leads others to do the same. It can’t be about what we do or don’t do. It can’t be about the transitions. It can’t be about the stuff. It has to be about a genuine connection between each one of us individually and our Creator God. We cannot lead others to a connection that we do not deeply possess ourselves.

I’m thankful for today. Thankful for how God reveals Himself to me. Thankful for the gift of worship. Thankful that I get to do it. Thankful that I get to be a part of leading you all to find a true connection with Him. Because He is the one connection that creates harmony in all of our other connections.

So, I’ve talked about the song. Here it is…. Captivate Us by Watermark. Breathe these amazing lyrics as a prayer and find yourself completely captivated by Jesus.

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