Show Me Your Heart. Love Your Husband.


This Martha girl doesn’t often stop to let God say what He will to her heart. It’s usually hurry-up-and-get-time-with-Jesus-before-the-kids-wake-up. There are rare times (like tonight) when I get to go to The Bucks and spend alone time with Him, but these moments are easy. They don’t require a lot of intentionality on my part. They don’t really require me to MAKE time in my day, in my chaos.

But a couple of weeks ago, the intentionality happened. I knew I needed a word from Him and was willing to wait until it came. So I offered the prompt: “I really want to do what You want. What do You need from me?” He gave me two responses.

Show Me your heart.

As I mentioned before, I’m definitely a Martha girl. I like to keep going. I DO a lot. The question is what do I do it FOR? The easy answer, of course, is that I do it for Jesus. But a lot of times I realize that I’m spinning in circles trying to fulfill something within myself that can really only be filled with Jesus. He hears me say a lot… “I want what You want.” But how often does He see it in my life? Ouch.

Love your husband.

Second one. My husband doesn’t often get the best parts of me. The rest of my circle gets to see most of those. And he doesn’t get enough of my unconditional love and encouragement. So, thank You, Jesus for showing me that nothing I do outside of my home matters if I don’t make the man my first earthly priority. God is calling me to love the man He has given me more than I love anything else here. Double ouch.

So that was a pretty serious session between Jesus and me. These phrases haven’t left my mind since He gave them to me. I’m still working on answering His call correctly.

So let me throw this out there… how is your heart? And how is your marriage?

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