Finding the Art

I’ve been missing it. The art of being. I’ve also been missing the way I normally process it all. The keyboard.

It’s been too long and my fingers have been longing to brush the keys. The same fingers have been attempting to make art elsewhere. But tonight here I am. Too many times during my day-to-day, I miss the art. My mind and heart get caught up in the stuff to do. I forget to just be. But when we learn to just be, God shows us the art that He has given us everywhere… He is just waiting for us to take time to look for it.

And while we’re missing it… while we’re playing on our iPhones… while we’re getting that last email sent out… how many moments like this one with our sweet girl are we missing?

One of my favorite quotes is a song lyric by John Lennon: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” But I’ve never thought much about the lyric right before that one. It says, “Before you cross the street, take my hand.”

We were made for relationship. To do life together. To find (and make) art together. Maybe if we stopped trying to go more, be more, do more, climb the ladder (and use those around us to climb it), and if we would slow down and take God’s hand and the hands of those around us that we love, maybe… just maybe we’d see what God intended this life to be about.

Maybe we would see the art God created specifically for our individual pieces of the plan.

Maybe we would see the art in those we love.

Maybe we would just be in the moment.

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