31 Days of Worship: Day 27 – The Splendor of Holiness (Part 2)

Did you read the two psalms yesterday? If not, go ahead and read them here: Psalm 29 and 96. They are key to discussion today.

Both psalms tell us to ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name… and to worship Him in the splendor of holiness. How often do we REALLY do that? How much more often are we worried about our own glory… even subconsciously? In our lives, we miss His glory… we miss His beauty… we miss the splendor… because we are too worried about ourselves. Or about all of the busy details in our lives that just have to get done.

During my hour-long drive to see my friend for her birthday last night, I was given a sunset. It was there for the duration. Mesmerizing… truly hard to look away from. The colors were magnificent, and I thought, “Wow, God, this is exactly what I’m writing about tomorrow. Thank you for giving me the picture of it tonight.” In fact, I found myself randomly thanking Him for a lot of little things in my path yesterday. It was a glory day.

The sunset is a reminder to us. There are tons and tons of colors and sparkles and reflections and little details that cause a sunset to be so unique and beautiful. But if our focus stayed on one color or one piece of the inner workings, we would miss the beauty of the entire masterpiece. The details have to happen, yes, but our focus should be on God’s glory in the sunset. His splendor.

People who know me well will tell you that I can drive them crazy with the details… just how I was made. But the joy of being a “practical creative” is that God allows me to get the details while still keeping the big picture in view. The details have to happen. Yes. But we can’t focus on the details. If all of the details come together perfectly, yet we miss the purpose behind the details (His glory), then we may as well have messed up all of the details.

God’s glory is to be our ultimate purpose in whatever we do. We are to ascribe to Him glory and strength. We are to see His beauty in our everyday lives. We are to come into His courts, tremble before Him, and to keep the splendor of His holiness as our ultimate purpose.

When we keep the main thing the main thing, we are able to see that beautiful sunset and we are able to humbly and whole-heartedly give God the glory due His name.

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