Worship Wednesday: The Song I Can’t Stop Singing

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I posted the link to this song on my Facebook page earlier this week. It’s a song that literally has been in my head all week. We sing a lot of songs ABOUT God, and some of those are great worship songs… but the songs that really pull me in to worship my Jesus are the ones that we sing TO Him. David Crowder Band’s Holy (After All) is one of those incredible TO Him songs. Listen to the song and then read below for some of the reasons it sticks in my head (and my heart). If you are reading this on voiceBoks or through email, click here to listen to the song: Holy (After All) by the David Crowder Band.

So why can’t I get it out of my head?

  • Well, it’s David Crowder, so obviously it’s good musically.
  • The lyrics are simple (yet profound) and to the point.
  • These lines are the ones that seem to play over and over in my head. And they are all about His glory:

Heaven and earth are full, full of Your glory, glory
My soul it overflows full of Your glory, Your glory
Oh blessed is He who reigns, full of Your glory, Your glory
My cup, it can’t contain all of Your glory, Your glory

  • Specifically, this line: My cup, it can’t contain all of Your glory, Your glory. Wow. Cannot even fathom His glory. My cup can’t contain it.
  • It’s all about holiness. The word “holy” repeats a LOT. Some people don’t like really repetitive songs. Maybe they think when we repeat choruses (or words) over and over, that we are not getting enough “meat” from a song. But to speak to that… If we sing this song, and really GET just how HOLY God is, then we’ve received a pretty strong message from a song.

So what about you? Is there a specific song that God is using in your life right now? Or is He teaching you something specific about worship? I’d love to hear. Link up below or tell me in a comment. And Happy Worship Wednesday!

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