Worship Wednesday: Surrender

At the church where I serve, Sunday was all about surrender. It was quite a powerful morning, and I wish all of you could have been there. As the message has remained constant in my mind, I thought we could talk about surrender for Worship Wednesday. Here are a couple of songs about that very subject. Each with an incredibly powerful message, each with a beautifully unique style…


My question… How surrendered are you in this life? To Jesus? To His call on your life? Are you holding something back? If so, He is calling you to let it all go… to surrender all. To wave the white flag. To lift the cross high. To give Him your all as He leads.

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  1. That’s something I should do- surrender everything to Him. I’m such a control freak, that all too often, I fail to realize when things are simply beyond my control.

    1. So sorry, Leigh. Although it is extremely hard to let go of someone we love, at least we do have that comfort. She is with her Creator… and feeling the best she has ever felt! Thank you, Jesus!

  2. Surrender is one of those constants in my life. From an intensely dysfunctional childhood, through becoming a single parent, overcoming nearly debilitating challenges as an adult, and loving four kids through their various tough growing up experiences, I have discovered the peace that comes from letting loose of the need to try to control it all. However, I certainly have not practiced that surrender without a fight! As someone once said, “Everything I let go of has my claw marks all over it!”

    1. I’m a fighter too! It’s so hard to let go… and I find myself fighting with God much more than I find myself surrendering. Love that quote!

  3. Paula, I am holding back from doing something the Lord wants me to do with the talents and gifts He gave me. Please agree with me in prayer that I have the courage to step out and do those things. I must surrender my fear and lack of confidence to Him!!

    1. You got it, Sister! I am too… and there are days when I even want to give up blogging… this comes from insecurity. I know God has called me to do some things, but I’m scared to death of failure. So I’m right there with you, girl! Just do it!

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