The Sweetness Of It All

He talked about it for two days. A date with Mommy. As we left the house, I noticed his sweet little hands cupping the crumpled up dollar bills that he had collected.

Getting out of the car, he reached for my hand. Not the norm for this 7-year-old who is growing up too fast. We walked into Pizza Inn (the chocolate pizza place), sat down, and just enjoyed each other. At times, I forgot he was 7. Like the moment he talked about how happy he was to be on a date with me… or the moment when he raised his hand up specially fixed into the “I love you” handshape. Pointed straight at me, coupled with a smile on his face. How have I been so blessed?

Then I was reminded he was 7 when he asked, “Can we go get a toy?” Too cute.

So little time with him I have. In that time, may I be the mommy he wants to take on a date. Not because I give him everything he wants, but because he loves me. And because he knows without a doubt that I love him.

When we finished eating all the chocolate pizza we could hold, he picked up the bill and his money and paid for our dinner. He insisted.

Oh the sweetness of it all. May I stop taking it for granted and appreciate the gift(s) that God has given me.

Been on a date with your little one lately? It will make you forget your stress and it will bring new life to your relationship. Love your family. Hold them close. You never know when it might be the last time you see them.


10 Replies to “The Sweetness Of It All”

  1. I try to have special time like that with each of my littles (and not so littles). It is a blessing and I know how precious each day is and always try and cease special moments through out the day in between our special outings! Thanks for reminding us all how important it is. Glad you two had a great time.

  2. Should have skipped this post (just kidding). My first one graduates from high school in six days. His girlfriend gets to go on those dates now, though he still hugs me in public, sends me texts throughout the day, tweets about me — positively, and actually does chores without being asked. I will miss him.

    You’re doing a fabulous job raising someone’s future husband. Enjoy every moment while he’s still “all yours.”

  3. Oh Paula… what a sweet boy. {my eyes filled up with joyful tears} I went on some dates with my boys, now almost 25 and 21… so long ago… but how I treasure these memories. A true blessing to have had that time with them. A true blessing for you.

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