Ordination Sunday: On Being His Sister

He’s probably going to kill me for posting this, but I don’t care. I’m pretty proud of my little brother. He takes up his cross daily. He fights the good fight.

When we were kids, Josh and I fought, wrestled, picked on each other… tattled on each other… You know, just like any other brothers and sisters. But we were pretty tight. We had a lot of fun times growing up, whether we were playing in the fields behind our house, playing ball or riding big wheels/bikes in the front yard, playing board games, playing golf, or lots of other stuff. He still golfs with me once in a while, but I can actually remember a time when he wasn’t SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME!! Anyway, I have good memories of time spent together while we were growing up.

I may have taken advantage of our age difference just a little. 😉 I could tell some stories (and he could too)! When Josh was really young, he pretty much listened to anything I said. And he also let me dress him up in fun outfits. I shall refrain from posting the picture, little brother. You know which one I’m talking about.

He likes to tell the story of when my high school boyfriend hung him on the basketball goal in the yard… and left him there. At least he can laugh about it now. It was just payback, after all. He was always following us around.

So much more fun stuff I could talk about, but today I just want to say I’m proud of him. Over the years, I have watched him grow tremendously. For a long time, he pursued other types of work, only to eventually accept God’s call on his life into full-time ministry.

After accepting the call, he went on to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary… where he completed his master’s degree in December. Now this Sunday evening, my baby brother is being ordained as a pastor. I’m just a tad proud. He’s committing his life to leading others to the truth… to serving Jesus and others. That makes for a life well-spent.

It truly blesses me to see that he looks like Christ… and not just on Sundays. He is the same guy everywhere he goes… a light in this dark world… a peacemaker. And he is the real deal. Now THAT is coming from his sister. 🙂

There was a time in my life when I felt like I was known as “nothing more” than Jeff’s wife, Paul’s daughter, or Josh’s sister. I wondered when I was going to have MY identity. Now that I’m older (and hopefully a little wiser), I can’t imagine that there could be any better men to be “the ones I’m known by.” They would be the first 3 men to jump in and defend me, my mom, Clara… or any one of the kiddos. I’m thankful for the family God has given me.

And I’m especially thankful for and proud of you today, little brother. I love you!

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