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As I’ve mentioned a few times over the past month, God taught me a lot in 2011. He worked in ways that I never expected… in ways that were at times hard to take. My heart took a hit from several life changes that all happened in the first part of the year. My emotional self was drained. During the summer, I found myself in a deep valley. But I’m thankful to say that by the end of 2011, I came to realize my emotions were drained because I was making it all about me.

God used relationships, situations, books, songs, movies… even complaints to get me to the place I’m standing right now. To break me. This is a new place. Still a bit scary. I fought hard against arriving here, but yet it is THE place I need to be. And all I can say is I’m thankful. Perspective is an amazing thing.

It really started on the day I was walking up the stairs at church and God clearly said to me, “you’ve got to find yourself in ME, and not in this church.” You see… I had been trying to fill my God-shaped void with religion. With roles at the church. With pleasing people. Sure I loved Him, but my innermost motives were far from seeking Him alone.

So that brings me to what I sense God calling me to do, starting in 2012. My goal and desire is to move toward Him. Nothing more. Nothing less. So what does that mean? Here’s my plan:

  • SEEK Him. Wholeheartedly. I’m jumping into the Bible with both feet. Not to finish a Bible study. Not to check a box on my list. But to KNOW Him more. A passage in Lisa Whittle’s book, {w}hole, brought me to see the need for this. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!
  • LISTEN to Him. Wholeheartedly. I’m going to spend time listening to what HE wants instead of spending all of my time telling Him what I want.
  • TRUST Him. Wholeheartedly. For some reason, I find it hard to trust people… and God. So in the listening, I’m committing to trusting what He says.
  • WORSHIP Him. Wholeheartedly. And worship is not just about the music. You all know my soul-speak is music, but worship is more than that. It’s about giving our hearts to Him. Telling Him that we love Him… with our entire being.

So this year’s plan is called simply, “Toward Him 2012.” And I would love so much for you to join me! I’ll be talking more about what led me here as we go along, but for now, won’t you commit to moving toward Him starting this year? All I ask is that you commit to seek, listen, trust, and worship. Then write about it as you feel led. I will be posting here about my journey every Thursday… call it my accountability. But you, my friends, can link up anytime. You never know how your story may work in someone’s life.

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  1. I love that! That is one of my goals for the year as well. I typed up a bunch of ways that I want to grow and be more like Christ this year. Maybe we can help hold each other accountable. I love your plan! Hope that you are having a great day! Rene

  2. beautiful. Something we should all strive for: Seeking, Trusting, Listening, Worshiping. Love your plan. Love the accountability factor! And am looking forward to seeing how God uses this for you this year!

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