{w}hole by Lisa Whittle: A Review

{w}hole by Lisa Whittle is an incredibly insightful book that guides readers through an assessment of three different “hole” categories that may have been an influence on them. Lisa presents religion, roles, and life experiences as three influential areas where holes can develop. She talks about each of the areas… then she talks about how these holes can become whole… only through Jesus filling them. The final chapter invites us as readers to find and share our own stories of wholeness.

Well, I have added yet another one to my list of books that have changed my life. While reading {w}hole, there were times that I thought she could see inside of me. There were times that I felt this book was written just. for. me. And I have to believe that if it affected me in such an incredible way, there have to be more of you out there who need to read it! I didn’t realize how much I needed to read it, and it has begun an amazing 180 degree turn in my life. God knows what He’s doing. And He definitely sent {w}hole to me at the EXACT right time. I’ll be sharing more about that in the next few days…

If you are struggling… feeling empty… feeling like life is passing you by… wondering what this journey of life is really all about… or even if you think you have it all together… I want to encourage you to read {w}hole by Lisa Whittle. It is an amazingly authentic and transparent story of a woman who has really lived it… and who has come out on the other side closer to Jesus. And that should be the goal for all of us. To let Him fill our holes and make us whole.

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3 Replies to “{w}hole by Lisa Whittle: A Review”

  1. "It's not how we start our story. It is how we find God in it." This statement touches my heart. I've often looked at where I began and I don't like it. My whole life I've been trying to shake it off, find out who I really am, who I can be instead. I'm asking myself so many questions: will my future forever have the stench of my past attached to it? How do I have a future with family that is still part of that stench for me? How do I break free and yet still love them when they choose a place that I hate, yet am so often reminded of. Am I prideful for wanting better? I'm so tired of living out of guilt and shame, doing things out of obligation and not because it is really in my heart.

    I wonder what the future holds but I'm scared of the unknown. I'm still trying to convince myself that God has a GOOD plan – also for me, not just for others. It is so hard every time things don't work out the way I want, to keep on believing that something good will come… eventually… in His timing.

    I have such an admiration for those who start out bad and find the victory. Most of my life I feel like I've always been either in the pit, slavery or prison and I wonder when my day in the palace will come. Sometimes their stories inspire me and other times they remind me of how long I've felt to be in the pit/slavery/prison and it makes me look the other way. Why is it so much easier for me to cry with others than it is to celebrate. I don't want to be only a sad person, mourning for my own sadness and for others when I can so well imagine how they must feel. And still God says, For I know the plan I have for you, and it is a plan of good, not evil, so you may have a hope and future.

    1. Amen! That statement really hit me, too. And just know, my friend, that I struggle with the same stuff you are struggling with!! But God is good… and He will accomplish His plan in His time. Thanks for sharing your heart! 2012 is going to be a much better year than 2011!!

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