The Sounds of Night: Review & Giveaway

For those of you with little ones who wake up with night terrors or just seem fearful at bedtime, I wanted to share an app that speaks right to those fears. It’s called “The Sounds of Night” and it walks through all of the little animal sounds, creaking sounds, etc. that kids may hear during the night. You can choose to either read it to your child or allow the app to read to them. The main focal point is that God does not want us to fear. He tells us that He is always with us. This is a GREAT app for calming little fears that seem so big to our kids. Watch the promotional video here and then read all of the details below.

Company Name: Christian Apps 4 Kids
Founder: Jessica Kirkland
Type of App: Book app
Target Audience: Children ages 2-8 years
Availability: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and all Android phones and tablets
Price: Apple App Store: $5.99; Android Marketplace: $2.99

DESCRIPTION: The Sounds of Night is a book app that helps put a child’s mind at ease when the lights go out at bedtime. This book addresses one of the primary feelings young children face: fear. The Sounds of Night reinforces the principle that God is the Creator of every creature. Since God makes all the animals that scurry and screech at night, children can lie down and sleep in peace.

FEATURES: The Sounds of Night has over 75 touch points/interactions. It has rich illustrations and 4 Bible verses on fear that kids can learn with their parents and share with their friends.

DEVELOPMENT:Jessica Kirkland is a member of Moms with Apps. She recently launched Christian Apps 4 Kids, which seeks to draw kids closer to Christ one app at a time. Her inaugural app is a result of the fear that was such a part of her life:

In every season of life, the Enemy would whisper the lie that I would “never make it” to the next. I believed it. Time and time again, I thought his words held power. As a young child, I never thought I would live to see my school years. Once I entered school, I never thought I would live to see the next day, next grade, or milestone in life. I listened to a very real enemy, even though I didn’t want to. Even though I came from a strong, Christian family, I felt powerless to stop the lies. Fear gripped me, stole from me, and taunted every careful step I took.

Jessica believes the only way to be free from fear, as an adult or child, is to replace fearful thoughts with God’s Word. Her desire for each book project is that they not only build character, but help set kids free.

The book app was developed in partnership with ROAR.


Jessica Kirkland lives in Southeast Texas with her husband, Robb, and five-year-old triplets. She is an author and speaker whose greatest passion in life is to see young families grow deeper in their walk with God. When Jessica isn’t writing, you can find her cheering her boys on at the soccer field, or watching her little girl at the dance studio. To find out more about her current writing projects, connect with her at: Christian Apps 4 Kids or on her personal blog.


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