31 Days to a Planted Mind: Day 1

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Today we begin a journey. A journey into our minds. A place so deep inside of who we are that no one except God can see what goes on inside.

Today we decide to stop giving Satan the power he has had over our minds. We decide to let God take control… and keep it.

For the next 31 days, I’m letting you into my thought life. It’s not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. But I believe it will be healing for me… and that it will also help you. I believe God wants us to share our struggles. If we don’t, how can we ever grow? And how will we ever dispose of the lie that we are alone in our pain? If we keep things to ourselves and keep plastic faces, we will all continue to think that everyone else has it “all together.” Guess what? Not one of us has it all together.

We all sin. Daily. And our sins begin on the inside. Not the outside. In order for me to become the person God has created me to be, and for you to become the person He has created you to be, we must examine our thought lives first. And as we begin to seek God’s glory for our lives instead of our own… as we seek Him and grow more like Him on the inside… we will see that our outside selves change. We will have:

  • More joy; less grumbling.
  • More of a servant’s heart; less of a self-serving heart.
  • More genuine love for others; less concern about our own wants.
For these changes to come, I am truly excited about the journey that God has placed all of us on for the next 31 days!

If you are just now finding this study and would like to join, WELCOME! 🙂 Shoot me an email me to paula@growwhereyoureplanted.com and I’ll sign you up! Also, join the forum by clicking on the 31 Days Forum at the top of the page. Now, on to the study…

To start this month off right, let’s first spend some time in prayer. Ask God to reveal the thoughts that you struggle with. As things come to mind, write them down on Day 1 of your journal. You will more than likely add more to this as the days pass. (If you have not printed your 31 Days Journal yet, you can download it here: 31 Days to a Planted Mind Journal.)

Now, look over your list. Give those struggle-words over to God and ask Him to begin right now changing your thoughts… and to give you the strength and the perseverance to finish this study.

The rest of 31 Days to a Planted Mind is simple, but it takes some commitment. Here is the daily plan:

  • When you wake up in the morning, write in your journal the thoughts/dreams that you remember from your sleep time. Ask God to begin to mold your thoughts to be more like His. Commit your list to Him and ask Him to change your thoughts.
  • Read the devotion on this blog and spend time studying the scripture that goes along with it.
  • Work on memorizing the battle verse of the week. These verses will serve as weapons to throw back at Satan when he sneaks into your mind.
  • BE ON ALERT for negative thought patterns that come in throughout the entire day. When it happens, have a battle verse ready to throw at Satan (SPEAK OUT LOUD), surrender the thought, and ask God to prevent it from happening again.
  • Right before you go to sleep, ask God to reveal your thought struggles of the day. Write them down and commit them to Him. Ask Him to keep your thoughts/dreams pure as you sleep.

My prayer is that this will actually become a habit for you. That this 31 days will only be the beginning. We must surrender our minds to God’s leading. ALL of our minds. Not just the parts that are easy to turn over.

I will warn you that there will be spiritual warfare. As I am preparing this study, I am experiencing some of the strongest warfare I’ve ever been through… which tells me that God is up to something. Persevere, my friends. Let’s encourage and hold each other accountable. See you tomorrow!

The Rest of the Day:

  • Join the forum if you haven’t. 🙂
  • Join the twitter discussion: #31days2apm.
  • Work on recognizing thought patterns that are less than what they should be. As they hit you, write them in your journal.
  • Tonight before you go to bed, journal and pray.

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