What Is Authenticity?

Today, my friend Marni gave me the opportunity to guest post on her blog… about a subject that I am very passionate about. Read the intro here and then jump over to her blog for the rest. 🙂

Authenticity. A word that stirs in me a passion for this generation.
As I’m writing this, our country is remembering that painful day 10 years ago in New York: September 11, 2011. The day the towers came down. On that day and in the days that followed, people of this country showed authenticity. They showed their true selves. They genuinely loved. They didn’t care what others thought. No bravado. Just love.
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  1. Yes, many people showed their authenticity immediately following. Many of us continue to show it, but many went right back to their "old" selves. It's amazing how many of us get caught up in the day-to-day, we forget who we really are. Pressures of life, home, work, money…..
    This is a great post. I may bookmark it and when I'm feeling down and out, remember I'm not and to show my authentic self REGARDLESS of the stress I put on myself.
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