Tune-In Tuesday: Draw Me Nearer

Once again, it is Tune-In Tuesday! A day where we meet together to worship. Here is what we do on Tuesdays at Grow Where You’re Planted:

Each week, I share and write about a song that God is using in my life. One that is speaking to me in whatever season I may be going through. The invitation is for you to jump in and do it, too! Here are the steps:

1.      Pick a song that is especially meaningful for you at this time in your life and write about it. Really think about the lyrics… and let them change you.
2.      Link up here using the linky tool at the bottom of this post. Use the name of your song as the title of your link. (If you haven’t done this before, feel free to email me with questions.) If you don’t have a blog, you can leave a comment sharing your song.
3.      Visit other people’s blogs and worship with them.
4.      Spread the word. Grab the button in the left column and add it to your post. That way, others can link up, as well. Tweet about it… Try to get others in on the conversation.
5.      And the main thing… worship! 🙂

My song today is Draw Me Nearer by Meredith Andrews. Listen to it below and then read on…

Our family has recently been battling spiritual warfare. Some days are harder than others. I am coming to some ugly realizations about myself. Painful. But God is trying to break me of some need-to-be-broken habits. Along with some extremely sinful attitudes. Again, painful.

As I was running last night, this song came on my Pandora station. It hit me pretty hard that if I don’t let HIM draw me nearer, I’m always going to be searching. Not that I didn’t already know this. I’m the good church girl, right? How many times have I responded with “I know” when confronted with a truth. But my very wise hubby has always told me that until something becomes a revelation, real change won’t come. (See Babe, I do listen.) 🙂 Hopefully, this time it’s all sinking in.

So, now all I want is for God to draw me to Him. To pull me away from the shell of myself that will never be complete until He fills it with Himself. He has been tugging at me for a long time, yet I’ve blinded myself to the goodness He wants for me… and for my family.

As I ache today, only from self-inflicted pain, this song is ministering to me. I hope it will minister to you, as well. The answer to all of our heartache, pain, sorrow, guilt, frustration, tears, anger, and everything else in between is found in letting Him draw us near.

Your turn. What song is God using in your life right now?

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