Mommy Break

>Oh, the joy of Starbucks…

I’m sitting here at my favorite place to relax, just enjoying some “me time”. It’s amazing how a $4 cup of coffee and my computer can give me the feeling of so much freedom, as if there aren’t dishes to wash, laundry to take care of, and mouths to feed.

I have always been a loner, even venturing to take short trips by myself. There is a feeling of deprivation if I don’t get at least a couple of hours to myself each week. 🙂 But how does this time need to be spent? It’s different every time. Sometimes I write, sometimes I spend time with God, sometimes I read and sometimes I just like to enjoy the time with my coffee.

We all need a “mommy break” sometimes. I believe it helps us to become better mommies, because we are able to break away for a while and see what we really have waiting for us at home. It helps me to appreciate the fact that God has blessed me immensely, and my precious family deserves the best that I can give them.

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