The First Post

>1 Timothy 1:16 says, “…I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on Him and receive eternal life.”

We all have a story.

After 35 years, I have finally come to the realization that God has given me a story to tell. Although I have made my own choices down the path of life, He has always known what those choices were going to be. My testimony is a GIFT that He wants to use as a blessing and encouragement to others. The place where I am “planted” is a true miracle, a clear example of what God can do in a life.

Why “grow where you’re planted”? God does not want us to “run” to try and find greener grass. If we are living for Him, within His will, we are to allow Him to use us right where we are. Life is hard, but God is always only a prayer away. There was a time in my life when I thought I could find greener grass, and God set me straight. The plan for this blog is to be a continuous story of how we can grow and be used exactly where we are at any given time.

This blog is a work in progress, as we are all works in progress. My desire is for it to be a ministry, ever-changing, constantly growing toward stronger fellowship with our Maker and Savior. If you saw the movie, A Walk to Remember, you will recall that Jamie wanted to “witness a miracle” in her lifetime. I want to witness many miracles of how God can change lives.

Again, we all have a story…

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